Friday, April 27, 2007

Two more weeks!

Yes, two more weeks of school! Two more weeks of stress?

But there are some things that make it all better:

(1) New shoes (I tend to splurge a little more when I'm stressed out. I'm not exactly sure why). But they are cute. I did have to return one pair (exchanging it for a smaller size, so hopefully it will fit--should be here on Monday, I think). The pair that fits me perfectly is lavendar and has these cute leather bows that look like (are you ready for this?) Measuring tapes! So cute! The other pair (which dont' fit) are these kick-ass red shoes (since I threw out my other red shoes, cause they were too old--this is a nice replacement for those.

(2) The things I ordered for mother's day are in! Yay!

(3) I am officially done lecturing for the semester; however, I have final exams to give next week--and the next (see the comment about 2 weeks of stress). But I know I will manage. I thought about it, and I think if I manage my time well, I will be fine.

(4) I will see my old high school's musical! Les Miserables this year--which I've never seen. For those of you who've never seen the musicals at my high school, they are a sight to behold. Essentially, it's on the same level as an amateur production, complete with a gorgeous set, costumes, music, etc...very excited. i wait all year for the musicals. (I never was in them in high school, because i can't sing, and because I prefer watchign them to being behind the stage or sets.) So I'm selfish. ;)

(5) I opened the mailbox today, and in addition to the things I ordered for my mom, I also had a package from my SP10! Since I came home late, I didnt' take pictures--(I will take pictures when the light is good.). is awesome! And there's chocolate (which I will need in two weeks!) and some books! Which I will also need in two weeks! I am so excited--and I will give the lowdown sometime this weekend (probably during a study break). So SP10, thank you so much! I am loving the gifts!

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