Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just a little advice...

First bit of advice: Sometimes it's a good idea to make sure springs don't break off inside your tires. Apparently that is what happened to me. A spring broke off, and according to the mechanic--ripped the entire inside of the tire to shreds.

Good thing it went flat in the driveway and not on the highway. Or at school. Or somewhere I could get seriously stuck. I mean, seriously. Because my parents are out of town. And if I needed to get somewhere quickly...well, I'm sure I could find someone to come get me...but still!

Second bit of advice...well, you have to see this to believe it. There's a great way to get to Paris, France. You do have to go through New York though, and it sounds reasonably inexpensive. Just go here. And read all the directions, because the cost-saving trip direction is right there. Let me know what you think.

As far as the favorite project--I'll probably take a picture of it tomorrow...and post either tomorrow or Friday. I think I've got a good idea of what it is. :) Stay tuned!

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Elisabeth said...

Um...the United States? I'm missing something, I think.