Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Anyhow, I've been up to a few things after finishing up exams...Friday night, I went to buy some yarn for myself. I wound up with some Noro Solk Garden sock yarn and some Malabrigo sock yarn (in Eggplant). 'Twas a splurge, but think I deserved it.

First thing that I did after I came home from my exams and yarn shopping was to cook. I forgot to take a picture of my chicken paprikash before I ate it all, but it was yum.

Then, I knitted a lot. I picked up my Squirrelly Mittens and started knitting the second mitten. But this is not what you'll see here! Despite the fact that I have a mitten to knit, I was just itching to get my hands into the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, and so I started.

But, I actually had to rip it out several times, because the first time, I was dumb and didn't read instructions straight through. Second time, I ripped it out to the beginning (again) because the sock was too big, so I went down a size. Third time, the foot was still too saggy. Fourth time, I tinked back a couple rows because I missed a block. But right now it's looking good, but it's driving me nuts becuase all I've knitted so far has been purpled, blue, and grey, and I'm seeing some cool pinks and golden colors inside the ball of yarn, and I am dying to get to those...

Then, yesterday, I had a FREE DAY. And because my friend Juniper showed us all this awesome blog, Bakerella, so I bought myself some cake mix and melting chocolates, as well as some cake/candy sprinkles to decorate...

So my first attempt at making cake pops turned out to look like deformed chicks. But they were delish. With a little more experimentation, I made some bunny pops.

Now I am relaxing, sort of. I'm watching Ghosthunters (yes, at nighttime-me, the girl who gets freaked out about ghosts!) but I'm having fun doing this. Plus, my written exams are over. Yay--just have to defend them next week.

On Sunday, my parents wanted to take me out for a celebratory dinner, so we went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Cleveland, we invited my boyfriend along. Anyway mom ordered this dish with beef tendons and beef veins, which I dare not eat. Anyway, prior to eating dinner, we all had gone to the chinese grocery store, where my boyfriend perused different packages of mysterious food. After finding a few packages with no english translations, he told me that it would be a good idea to try these foods and see what they were. So he bought one of the mysterious packages of food. So, at dinner, mom knew about his new food adventures, and asked if he wanted to try her food. So he tried some, and ate every single bit of the beef veins, radishes and tendons that were on his plate. About 15 minutes later he asked my mom what he ate. So my mom told him it was beef veins, and this is what it was like for the next few minutes.
Adam: Beef VEINS? What do you mean, veins?
Mom: Veins.
Fat white man at table behind us: (laughs hysterically)
Adam: I ate beef veins? Which ones were they?
Mom shows him the beef veins
Adam: ugh. (The expression on his face is priceless) What is the nutritional value of veins?
Mom: It's good for your knees.
Adam: What?
Mom: It's good for your knees. You know, it's made of the same stuff as Knox gelatin.
Adam: What?
Mom: Knox gelatin. Collagen.A
dam: Oh, you mean, like Jell-O
Man at table behind us: Jell-o! That's my favorite!
Adam: That's made of of that?
Man at table behind us: Yep, all the leftover animal parts.