Monday, November 01, 2010

DWTS, or sleep?

Right now, I've got my comforter tumbling away in the dryer, and at 7:57 PM, I am debating whether to go to bed early (skipping Dancing with the Stars) or to watch DWTS...This is going to be a week that will be trying...everyday I will be working somewhere, whether it is at the university, the store, or a hospital environment. Here's to making it through the week and staying as healthy as possible. It already was rough over the weekend, working early mornings at the hospital (starting by 7 AM) and having long days. Plus, on Saturday night, I am sure that I only got one hour of sleep.

I have also finished ONE sock last week, and started the ribbing for its pair. I caved and started with the pretty yarn that Andi gave me at the birthday swap, and just couldn't stop because I couldn't wait to see what the colors would look like. It is incredible!

This is the Monkey sock pattern. Instead of using purls, I substituted knit stitch. Also, since I hate holey socks, I did M1's instead of the yarnovers. I really like the way it looks, plain, but you see slight undulating details.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting ready for winter

I am actually working on my dissertation, as you can see. ;)
Yesterday, I went on a quest to find the perfect winter coat to replace my beloved purple coat (never fear--I will still hang on to the purple coat for a spare). I went to various department store websites, and narrowed my choices down to two coats--based upon my specifications, which are that the coat must be sufficiently unique enough, and not gray or not black, and knee-length, and warm enough for these midwestern winters.
I went to Nordstrom Rack first, figuring that maybe the prices would be lower--and I tried on pink coats, purple coats, blue coats, a couple gray coats, black coats, white coats, and there was one coat that just stood out in my mind. But since I still had wanted to see what the coats I bookmarked online looked like, I had to go to the mall to check them out, as well as any other department stores. There, the routine was the same, I tried on so many coats, but none of them made me feel great--or sufficiently cool. So back to Nordstrom Rack, where I picked up my coat, and I'm happy with my decision.

Even though the coat is gray AND black.
And since this is a knitting blog, I am working on some socks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthdays in September

Last week, our SnB group had its annual birthday swap. The way this works is that we all are given one person to spoil completely, while someone else spoils us.

We don't have an idea who our spoiler is, not until the party, anyway. My spoiler was Andi (knitbrit) who is an artiste with needlework of all kind--sewing, embroidery, knitting, name it, she does an amazing job! So of course, I was thrilled when I opened my gift bag and saw this:

In the bag was this gorgeous blue bag that she made and embroidered herself, using a knit pattern that I adore as inspiration. (This pattern is this neat looking paisley sweater from a japanese knitting magazine that I cannot find, but I look at the pictures of the knitted garment on Ravelry). The bag is lined with a cool paisley print, too. In the bottom of the bag was a red and black laquered box, which held some chocolates, a small bag, sheep clips (so cute!) a pincushion, Noro Kureyon sock yarn, and gorgeous yarn that Andi spun for me. Seriously, I adore these presents!
My swapee was Devona (over at, and since she mentioned The Owl and the Pussycat a few times in her questionnaire, I knit her her very own Owlie Cowlie (which happens to be one of my favorite patterns). Devona was also a lot of fun to shop for, as she loves vintage and vintage-inspired things, so I got a copy of the Ohio Knitting Mills pattern book and some vintage fabrics, and some great alpaca yarn in colors that she likes. (I forgot to take pictures of those!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday post: repost

I couldn't figure out what happened to this blog post, which I wrote a week ago. I wrote it and posted it, but it was posted on the fortune cookie blog accidentally! So now, I am reposting this. The night before the SnB birthday party...and I am dying to show what I've made my swap recipient. See, since there are so many birthdays in a year, we all get one swapee that we spoil rotten at the party. So I've made somethign pretty cute and special (and right now, I'm not in a knitting mood...LOL!) so I will show what I made...after the party is over. Just in case.

School's been in session for one week and I'm already exhausted. The good thing is that I do not need to be up at the crack of dawn to teach tomorrow. Also I'm starting to get some research underway, so I'm happy about that. Finally.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When parents learn how to text

Last night, my family got new cell phones (I'm loving mine, by the way). Mom and dad have phones that have keyboards that slide out, and both asked me how to text.

Mom was not too shabby, with a simple "hi".

My dad, however, texted me this great message: "You have very very wet hands."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Recently, I particpated in a swap on Ravelry, and in our packages we had to include:
  • yarn (at least 100 yards)
  • something representing my field of study
  • something representing my swapee's field of study
  • something hand-made

and I got some very cool gifts from my swap partner, whose area of specialization is pure mathematics:

She designed a knitted bag with the international symbol for hearing loss, and on the other side she knitted a fibonacci sequence!

There's also some handmade stitch markers, a book called "The Kingdom of Infinite Number" and some very soft yarn (Taos). This was a fun swap, and when I saw the knitted purse, I was pretty excited about this, since I have to admit I was a little boggled about how to represent my field! (But I did find something pretty cute at this novelty store near me).

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I finally finished one sock. Now I've got about 2 inches of ribbing on the second sock, but I'm now trying to finish the baby blanket I want to give to my friend.

I also want to see if I can make a gift for my birthday swap buddy (I have one month to do this). But we'll see if that is feasible.
And tonight, I made some pierogies and chicken with a creamy pan sauce. Topped it off with basil from my own mini herb garden!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What I've been up to

These days, I am trying to do a lot of work, and I also have been knitting. First up: I started the Tree of Life baby afghan for my friend's baby, which is due in August. (Of course, I may not be able to see her baby till September or October, so I think it will be a nice gift. I admit that I was initially nervous when I first looked through the pattern instructions, but it's actually pretty easy.
Around the same time, I started knitting myself some knee-high socks. So far, I've gotten half of one sock done, and with all the cables, it satisfies my need for something a little challenging, but it's simple enough that I can still do something like watch some TV at the same time. Since this is merino yarn, I'm going to try and find some nylon reinforcing thread or yarn for the heels and toes.

And finally--I finished my Pomatomus II socks with the yarn that I dyed at Martha's some time ago! Instead of using yarnovers, I did M1's, so the fabric is not as holey and it's a little warmer.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


It is now summer and after a few weeks of work and lazying about...I have finished my boring socks...cast on for a new pair of socks (Pomatomus), sewed a bag that was meant to be given last Christmas, and dyed some yarn. All in all, a good summer thus far.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night

After over a month, I am here again, after having been pummeled by snow, ice, and cold winds...including getting stuck somewhere else (therefore, needing to check into a hotel for the night) during one of the blizzards of the year...good thing I had my pajamas, an extra pair of socks (dress socks though), and extra underwear. I am slowly, but surely, catching up on the sleep and energy that I've lost in the weeks preceding that trip, and recovering from that trip.

Also have finally finished my Christoph-Probst-Str. socks-the orange-brown-yellow yarn (Fire) that Carolina gave me--it only took me three months...and when I got sick of the fall combos, I cast on for a bright Froot Loop colored yarn. It really is the same color as the cereal, let me tell ya...but I am just doing plain old boring socks, so no pattern--just straight stockinette and a slip-stitch heel. So far, I've got most of one sock, which is pretty amazing.

If I keep it up, maybe I'll get a bunch of socks I would like to make some baby items for one of my best friends, who is expecting later this summer. I figure if I start now, it will be ready to go...hopefully. I'm thinking a small baby sweater and perhaps this tree of life afghan. (I thought about this awesome fair isle one, but I'm going to try and be realistic, given my time -- or lack thereof).