Monday, November 01, 2010

DWTS, or sleep?

Right now, I've got my comforter tumbling away in the dryer, and at 7:57 PM, I am debating whether to go to bed early (skipping Dancing with the Stars) or to watch DWTS...This is going to be a week that will be trying...everyday I will be working somewhere, whether it is at the university, the store, or a hospital environment. Here's to making it through the week and staying as healthy as possible. It already was rough over the weekend, working early mornings at the hospital (starting by 7 AM) and having long days. Plus, on Saturday night, I am sure that I only got one hour of sleep.

I have also finished ONE sock last week, and started the ribbing for its pair. I caved and started with the pretty yarn that Andi gave me at the birthday swap, and just couldn't stop because I couldn't wait to see what the colors would look like. It is incredible!

This is the Monkey sock pattern. Instead of using purls, I substituted knit stitch. Also, since I hate holey socks, I did M1's instead of the yarnovers. I really like the way it looks, plain, but you see slight undulating details.

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Anonymous said...

I love the yarn, so cheerful! Hope you find some time to sit down and relax with your knitting this week.