Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night

After over a month, I am here again, after having been pummeled by snow, ice, and cold winds...including getting stuck somewhere else (therefore, needing to check into a hotel for the night) during one of the blizzards of the year...good thing I had my pajamas, an extra pair of socks (dress socks though), and extra underwear. I am slowly, but surely, catching up on the sleep and energy that I've lost in the weeks preceding that trip, and recovering from that trip.

Also have finally finished my Christoph-Probst-Str. socks-the orange-brown-yellow yarn (Fire) that Carolina gave me--it only took me three months...and when I got sick of the fall combos, I cast on for a bright Froot Loop colored yarn. It really is the same color as the cereal, let me tell ya...but I am just doing plain old boring socks, so no pattern--just straight stockinette and a slip-stitch heel. So far, I've got most of one sock, which is pretty amazing.

If I keep it up, maybe I'll get a bunch of socks I would like to make some baby items for one of my best friends, who is expecting later this summer. I figure if I start now, it will be ready to go...hopefully. I'm thinking a small baby sweater and perhaps this tree of life afghan. (I thought about this awesome fair isle one, but I'm going to try and be realistic, given my time -- or lack thereof).

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Jenn Doll said...

It's been a while! I am glad to see you are doing well. I think that Mary gave you your book, right? I couldn't help but look through it! How stinkin cute! If I get time I would love to try a couple more in depth projects! I too, have a ton of preggos in my life! :)

Hope to see you soon!