Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry belated Christmas!

Merry Christmas to me--I got what I asked for: no snow BEFORE Christmas (for business purposes, and that was fantastic). Plus, scraping snow/ice off car windows really is the worst.

Anyhow, the evenings after coming home from work, I busily figured out how to sew using our sewing maching (breaking a couple needles in the process. Note to self: must buy more needles for the machine, just in case...)

But here is what I made:


Addiopolis said...

Very nice Stacey. I love the fabric inside; it's a luxurious contrast to the utilitarian outside of the bag. Congrats on using your sewing machine. I have mine here with me in VA, I just need to fire it up.

Jenn Doll said...

LOVE IT! The little ball trim are my favorite!!