Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday post: repost

I couldn't figure out what happened to this blog post, which I wrote a week ago. I wrote it and posted it, but it was posted on the fortune cookie blog accidentally! So now, I am reposting this. The night before the SnB birthday party...and I am dying to show what I've made my swap recipient. See, since there are so many birthdays in a year, we all get one swapee that we spoil rotten at the party. So I've made somethign pretty cute and special (and right now, I'm not in a knitting mood...LOL!) so I will show what I made...after the party is over. Just in case.

School's been in session for one week and I'm already exhausted. The good thing is that I do not need to be up at the crack of dawn to teach tomorrow. Also I'm starting to get some research underway, so I'm happy about that. Finally.

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