Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What I've been up to

These days, I am trying to do a lot of work, and I also have been knitting. First up: I started the Tree of Life baby afghan for my friend's baby, which is due in August. (Of course, I may not be able to see her baby till September or October, so I think it will be a nice gift. I admit that I was initially nervous when I first looked through the pattern instructions, but it's actually pretty easy.
Around the same time, I started knitting myself some knee-high socks. So far, I've gotten half of one sock done, and with all the cables, it satisfies my need for something a little challenging, but it's simple enough that I can still do something like watch some TV at the same time. Since this is merino yarn, I'm going to try and find some nylon reinforcing thread or yarn for the heels and toes.

And finally--I finished my Pomatomus II socks with the yarn that I dyed at Martha's some time ago! Instead of using yarnovers, I did M1's, so the fabric is not as holey and it's a little warmer.


Andrea said...

I really like the cables on those knee highs!

Mary said...

Those socks are gorgeous!