Wednesday, April 04, 2007

stuff--of all kinds!

First of all, I'd like to comment that I think a girl hit on me yesterday. I am not absolutely sure. I went to buy a milkshake at the local Handel's here, and this is a girl I've seen a bit, when I order ice creams. Anyway, I ordered my milkshake, and she handed it to me, and said something that sounded like "You're very beautiful", leaning on the counter near the window.

My mind rephrased it as: "Today is very beautiful", because, of course, a girl couldn't say something like that to I responded with something inane, like, yes, it is very beautiful today...(I dont' remember exactly what I said). But after I said that, she got kind of awkward, so I think I heard right the first time. I feel bad now. Well, we'll see if this happens again. Probably I'll get milkshakes once in a while if it's hot, and I have to walk across campus or something...very refreshing.

But in any case, today was a bad day for trying to do homework (just couldn't focus!) but at least I'm over halfway done with my stinky paper! It's due next Monday, and if I can summarize 5 articles tomorrow, and finish up Friday/Saturday, I'm golden. I just want to get all my work done by Saturday, so I can rest up on easter (oh, and cook).

But what made today better (especially since I skipped SnB to work on my paper):

I got several from Webs (which I ordered...didn't have quite enough yarn for a project), and then I got one from piddlyloops. So I spent about 30 seconds wondering what I ordered from piddlyloops, because the label said something like a sewing team (and I'm a lousy sewer) was a gift from my secret pal! Thank you!

So there is my first drop spindle, with some lovely, fluffy wool (it feels SOOOO is standard wool, one is this nice creamy white one from a blue faced leicester sheep, the brown is shetland. I can't wait to try this out. This will have to wait till my paper's done, though: I can see my self getting into a zone for hours, which would not be a very good thing.

Included in the package were these awesome buttons (the background is a Times New York Crossword puzzle that has me stumped. See all the blank spaces?)

And these very cute notecards and tags...which i know i will end up using when I finish those pirate mittens. So cute! Totally made the day sparkle (even when it was hailing outside).

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Anonymous said...

So glad you got it pal! There's more to come of course, but I wanted to send you something new and exciting knitcraft wise. Have fun spinning!