Monday, April 30, 2007

Old, Older, Oldest?

Pray tell, you ask--what is your oldest yarn?

Question 1 for this. Age wise? It's the stuff above this text (And directly below this). Or so I think so. It's from a knitting mill that closed earlier this year--unfortunately I had very little money (that is--i was getting paid just enough for gas, with anywhere from 50-100 dollars left over each month. And at $3 a pound, I couldn't resist. That, and the $1.75 skeins of turquoise blue wool yarn.

And the cone below, I think is just old. Just look at the fab color combo! Kinda like being in the Brady Bunch, I guess. I haven't yet figured out what i'll make with it. But I'll think of something.

Now, if you're thinking of old in terms of purchase date--it's probably this silk sari yarn below. i have 4 skeins. I know I've had it at least 3 years (purchased post-breakup with a crappy boyfriend, who is now an ex, and living very far away from me (good thing) instead of being 5 minutes away from me.

No, I'm not bitter. Really.

Anyway, I bought this GORGEOUS sari silk yarn, three skeins. But the person who owns Wool Peddler--there was some sort of problem with the shipping, and her entire shipment of yarn got lost in limbo, so she got another shipment to replace it. And thusly, she shipped me an extra skein for being patient, waiting for the yarn.

And I still can't figure out what scarf I want to make. I could make an ordinary boring 1x1 ribbing scarf, but that's boring. I'll think of something neat to make it a little more interesting...


And seriously--why the ex-boyfriend is so much better out of the picture?

He thought knitting was geeky.But not in a cool way. (That's not the only reason, but it's an important one. Love me, love my knitting.)

Now my current boyfriend likes knitting. So that is very cool. :) And he told me that if he gets this one job that he applied for, he may be able to make it down to SnB, which would be interesting...

Just a little less than 2 weeks till I am done with the semester...


Adrianne said...

OOh BF at SnB. Would love to meet him!

Elisabeth said...

I just got your Knitters Treat Package! Thank you so much--it's lovely! I could not have asked for more beautiful yarn and treats, and I'm making those scones tomorrow afternoon!