Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday (oh lordy)

I hate Mondays. (But don't most people?)

Today's been one of those wacky, weird days...where things go

1) This morning, I was going to pull out of the driveway, when I felt like my car went into a ditch, and I heard a weird boom kind of noise. So I thought maybe I drove off the side of the driveway onto the mulch or something, so I angled my car to get more into the driveway...and started backing out again.

Boom. Thunk. Boom. Thunk.

What the hell was that? I looked in my side window to see if some cracks appeared in our driveway. None. I open the driver's side, and the doorframe is about an inch off the driveway. Oh, great.

I look at my rear tire (that was the one that got flat last year). No, it's fine. So I peek at the front tire, and it's completely flat. It looks like one of those cartoon flat tires. How irritating.

I ended up borrowing my mom's car so I could get to school. I made it. Last week, I was 5 minutes late because I didn't wake up till a quarter till I had to be at school. This week, I was five minutes late, because I had a flat tire. What's going to happen next Monday? Will I be late because my hairdryer broke?

(knock wood)

2) Good things can also happen, despite flat tires. Case in point: last week (I didnt' mention on the blog because I didnt' want to jinx anything) I sent in a resume for a job I would LOVE to have. Now I have an interview with Human Resources this Wednesday! :)

3) Oh, I'm going to see the Daddy of vulgar. Well, not really. But he did play a daddy, and he's actually pretty vulgar in real life. I got tickets for $5. The joy of being a student and being able to get student tickets!

Oh, which daddy, you ask?

Remember Mr. Tanner from Full House? Yeah. Bob Saget. I can't wait. I'll probably faint dead away when it gets really dirty.


4) My mom asked me to go to work after I got out of class. Grr. I have class till 7 PM. So I didn't even get home till after 9 PM. Think about it. 8 AM class, office hours in the afternoon, then a long, torturous class on quantitative methods. Which I hate. And I'm always so exhausted to begin with, and it just deteriorates.

5) Oh, and I think I'm coming down with a cold.

6) Well, this really has nothing to do with my day, but I've also been thinking long and hard about what my favorite project, knit from a pattern is. Well, I'm still thinking about it.

So what is it?

Stay tuned...


NK said...

Good luck with your job interview!

Anonymous said...

I hope your week has got better! I'm your pal in the Knitters Treat Exchange - did you get my note?