Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I got an A on my law exam-- Yay (and I think I need to buy a new computer keyboard; I seem to have trouble typing. BOO!) I am so happy, since that exam nearly killed me (and no, I've never studied law). But I am relieved, and I am almost at the point of trying to justify another charm purchase...but I will be very, very good and wait 'til April to splurge. (of course. Not to mention that I just bought a neat bead (I will take pictures, I promise!)

And my friend, NK, will be going to Germany for about a year--so I'm very excited for her--and I am definetely going to try and save money, so i can visit her, and eat all the Quarkkaese that I can, as well as drink so much Apfelschorle that I'm practically drowning, not to mention all the Doener Kebabs! (Ok, that wouldn't be my only reason to visit NK, right? But I am very very proud of you and I KNEW you would get that grant to go to Berlin! :))

Anyway, i am ALMOST done with my vegan fox scarf. I just have to sew it up the middle and put eyes, a nose, and a clippy thing on. And maybe I can pull off wearing it with my green jacket? That is, if I get it done before it's like, 80 degrees out here.

My SP10 hostess asked us to write what our favorite knitting accessory was. My first thought: Besides yarn? I have plenty of it...

But then I got to thinking...so would it be my clover knitting needles? And this is me, so I'm wondering which ones would be my most favorite? Well, just any that I've got two of, so I can knit something. No. Not my favorite accessory. Tape measure? Who cares, as long as things are the right size...No, that's not the one. Then I remembered these CUTE yarn markers that Andi, one of the lovely ladies in my SnB group made...I have some shaped like birds and some like sheep, and some like santa claus. As much as I ADORE them, they are not my #1 knitting accessory.

Ladies, from the SnB group: can you guess?


You got it. It's my trusty clover clicking row counter. I lose things all the time. This includes: Time, books (I still have never found my copy of "The Count of Monte Cristo" from 9th grade. That was in 1994.), socks, pens, pencils, important papers, not-so-important papers, my sanity (kidding), and track of my stitches. (this is how I get odd measurements or funky designs sometimes...)

I have like, three of them. I started with one, then needed one for another project. So I bought one more. Then maybe a year later, I couldnt' figure out where my second one was, so I thought maybe I only had one. Or maybe I lost the second one? So I bought another one. And actually earlier this year, my dad was looking under the sofa, and I saw...the second row counter...still in its wrapper!

So in all its glory, I nominate the Clover clicking counter as my #1.

It's my brother's birthday, and I hear he's home now--so I must now eat!

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