Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am taking a break from writing down addresses...we're going to send out bunches of postcards/coupons for the store, and I've been doing that. I'm a little strange. I actually like addressing envelopes and postcards. Perhaps it's a remnant from my pen-pal days, when I would write letters to people all over the world (whatever happened to Marco, Marianne, Hannele, and so on? Hmm. More letter writing sometime in my future.)

In any case, I received my Secret Pal info (hi there!) and I'm excited...over the weekend, I started shopping for my giftee's stuff, but still have a couple things I'd like to buy. So hopefully that package will go out sometime next week at the very latest.

Anyway, new knitting project:

I've always wanted to knit the Vegan Fox from, and I caved and bought about 30 dollars of yarn. Funny that I can say that I'm sick of the furry, hairy yarns, and yet, I splurge on the same things I have been passing over! But I actually knitted that much in a couple days because I was so mad at myself (will explain in a moment) that I needed to soothe my frayed nerves. Not to mention that I was having a pretty stressful week, with back-to-back exams (short answer and essay, ugh!) and needed to relax.

My aggravation:

I was trying to upload new songs to my iTunes, so I could then upload an updated library to my iPod, and I accidentally deleted most of my library! Augh! This includes some of the rare, unusual recordings: such as those recorded off tv shows, like from Star Trek: Voyager, but I'm hoping I still have those on my old laptop. I hope I do. Otherwise it's going to be a pain to find some of those recordings.

As far as the scarf, just need to make those paws, sew everything together and find some good buttons for it!

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