Sunday, March 25, 2007


This is a different kind of frogging.

Remember the shipment from Webs that I was so anxiously awaiting? Which arrived on Wednesday afternoon?

Some lovely Dale of Norway Yarn was in the package (Baby Ull)...which was to become a pair of baby booties...

I started that night, and made these then...and by the way, this stuff feels great when you knit it up. I'll be honest--I was not sure how it would feel when I felt the skein, but it really feels lovely. I think I should learn how to knit a good sock so I can make one out of this and be all cozy.

A frog in its natural habitat, perhaps?

I stayed up till 1:30 AM on Friday night, and woke up early on Saturday to finish the darn things. This was because I had a baby shower that Saturday afternoon.

Although I usually say I won't procrastinate on projects...well, it's usually bound to happen. And arent' these cute froggy booties? The pattern called for me to sew a straight line (across the front for a mouth) but I thought that looked really stupid (but that's just me) and I think these look great without a black yarn line across the front.

And...this week is spring break! Which means: I can sleep in PAST 6:30 AM for a week! Even though I have two papers to write and organize, a lecture to plan, but I'm not going to think about it right this minute--but it will be relaxing for once to NOT be stressed out about being on time to teach! For the week, at least! And I get to see Tameka, my classmate/friend at SnB this week (she has class at the same time). Yeah!

And I think I have all my things ready to send out to my secret pal giftee...i think it's good stuff. I won't post a picture...just in case she stumbles on here. But trust me, it's good stuff ;)


Sharon said...

That is adorable and a better way to "frog". Do you have a pattern?

Sharon said...

That would be great if you could email me the pattern! my email addy is on my profile. Thanks a million!