Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back to September

Things here have been super busy on my end...lots of things have happened in the past few weeks.

1) I went to one of the craziest, over-the-top birthday parties I've ever attended. Truly, it was like going to a kid's birthday party (but it was for a 50 year old guy). Anyway, the party had everything but the kitchen sink--including an ice cream truck, drag queens, psychics, and male strippers (the party was for a gay man). There was more stuff, too.

At the party, I had my palm read by a psychic, who told me the following:
  • I like to read thrillers (true)
  • My dream is to write a novel
  • I will own my own business in the future
  • I will be wealthy
  • I will have 2 children, one boy and one girl
  • I like kids
  • I work with computers (?)
  • I will be teaching within the next three months
  • I will be traveling a lot within the next year or two, but not sure why

These were the main things that I remember her saying. I laughed at the teaching thing though, because I didn't see that in my future (well, I see teaching in my future, but figured it would take some time to get the job I want). I'm keeping tabs on these to see if any of these do come true at all.

2) A week or so later, I got an urgent sounding voice mail from the chair of the department, asking me to call her back. I called her, wondering if I did something wrong, and basically, she said, "Dr. X is on emergency medical leave and will not be able to teach at all the semester. Could you teach his class the rest of the semester?" Please look at the prediction that I laughed at. I didn't really compute that till this morning.

3) My poor little baby brother had his wisdom teeth pulled out today. Poor thing. He's so miserable right now.

4) I'm working on a cowl right now and have finished a hat but just need to put on a button. Also have received some of the most awesome knitting books in the mail today (japanese knitting books with amazing patterns). I'll post pictures later. At the moment need to do some things and check on poor baby brother.

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