Monday, September 14, 2009

Progress--even more!

Over the past couple weeks, much has happened. I am settling into a routine at school and am becoming more used to teaching a large class. Earlier, I signed up for the World Yarn Swap, and a few weeks ago, I recieved a package from Jane in Scotland . In
this package, I received some Scottish breakfast tea, some delicious looking candies that I've not seen here and plan on savoring after teaching lots of math and physics. She also sent me this cute magnet of a cow with really long hair :)
And of course, need I mention the yarn? I mentioned that I am totally into fair isle knitting at the moment, so I also have some lovely new Rowan yarns in varying colors and am now planning some nice knitted projects. Or maybe I'll end up with many Owlie Cowlies ;)

I also received a package from my Secret Pal, which included some prettily colored sock yarn, a book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a potholder and towel (perfect for cooking), window clings, and a pattern for a knitting on the go bag. But one of my favorite parts of the gift was the llama necklace (I have never seen anything like this before, and this made me smile!)

I also finished my Owlie Cowl in this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn that I have had for a few years. It is an incredibly easy and fun knit, and the yarn is wonderful. However, the problem is that I am terrible about doing gauge swatches, so the cowl became the size of a very small tube top! which of course, is too small for me, but I'll hang on to it because it is pretty cute.
In my goal to make a more wearable cowl, I cast on for another Owlie Cowl a few days ago, in a bright, color contrasting combination, using my stash yarn (of course). So far, I am loving it even though it is very bright--the colors are a good contrast for each other. Also, I invested in a Habu kit that I've been lusting after for a couple weeks (when one lusts after something for quite some time, i think one is meant to have it. It's made out of pineapple yarn and I think I'll cast on once I finish this cowl and my zebra mittens (no picture as of yet).

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