Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Freezing, boring, wondering where I'll be on my next birthday"

Well, what a way to start off a birthday. Woke up at 3:15 AM (planned to take brother to Cleveland Airport, and then drive with parents to Columbus, and in Cols, to hang out with my best friend there, while my parents did their business at the Gift Mart). Anyway, I woke up with a migraine. Actually, I've had this migraine since yesterday, but on a wing and a prayer (and Excedrin migraine medicine), I hoped that the damn thing would just disappear. Of course, waking up at 3:15 on one's birthday isn't my idea of fun, either.

Seeing as how my reading is limited (I can't read for long periods of time), and TV watching has never been a smart idea for me when I'm sensitive to light and sound, this is going to be a dull, dull birthday. I'm hoping this dumb thing goes away so I can actually watch The Next Food Network Star tonight, and do reading for class. At least sewing doesn't make my eyes hurt. At least I don't think they do. And I guess I could knit something if I don't have to read a pattern or think too much.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Too cute for words, if I do say so.

This is my very cute purse and the billionth time that I've tried to send this to this blog. I am so proud of myself for being able to sew the thing together. Now I'm making a pink one. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

New purse!

Ooh. This project is not knitting related. Me, the girl who can barely sew a button onto a shirt...has sewn a PURSE. And it's cute! Yay! This is how I spent a day--well, part of it, anyway. I was convinced it was going to rain, so I made a craft-purchasing trip and bought all sorts of materials and stuff to make purses. I think I know what I'm giving my friends for Christmas this year (and no, they do not have a link to this page).

And last night was Stitch and Bitch. And one of the people there was a classate of mine from high school. How weird is that? It makes me feel all like, dorky or something. I mean, she looked fantastic, and I was wearing a shirt with Underdog on it, and my hair wasn't flipped out, because I don't have the patience (or the skill) to make my hair look the way it's supossed to. I love SnB. A Lot. And some of us went out for pizza afterward, which was great. I had this thought though, that I couldnt; imagine my classmates hanging out with these people. They are really quite liberal; some of these are/were art majors and very indie. So definetely my type of people to hang out with. Hah!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The monster bag's coming along nicely. I think I've got about 2/3 of the thing done (knitted, I mean). Maybe I will even finish it this weekend! I would have worked on it last weekend, but I was out of town in Minneapolis, and was too paranoid to bring knitting on board (though my roommate told me that it's now permitted, and she brought her cross-stitching with her. Now I wish I had brought the monster bag). Anyway, I've also started Clapotis (, using some yellow-orange-red yarn. It's a drop-stitch stole, looks pretty snazzy to me. Hopefully it will be cool. I have to admit that the pattern has driven me nuts because I've frogged the damn thing a few times.

Hopefully it will look like the picture when it's all done. Argh!

And Stitch-n-Bitch is tonight! I want to get as much of this stuff knitted up as possible, so I can buy some more yarn and work on a pattern that I have in my Stitch and Bitch Nation book--this nice summery sweater, which I think might be good in case it actually gets cold in class or perhaps on my clinical fellowship. Might be a nice thing to have, since I don't actually own a summer sweater that goes with everything.

I also had to take my car in to the shop yesterday. $800 to repair! Yikes. I will avoid potholes or other hazards to automobiles from now on. And the internet is down and out at home. It's a weird sort of liberating feeling, not being tied to the computer, but it's also a bit annoying because I'm an email addict.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Entrelac scarf

Entrelac scarf in Noro Kureyon yarn. Completed 6/6/05! Posted by Hello

So it only took me like, make this scarf. It's in this gorgeous colorway. All I've got to do now is weave in the ends. Then I can wear it when it gets cold again. The reason this pic is up here is because I wanted to see if I could figure out how to put up pictures.


So today, I went to the Stitch-and-Bitch meeting. I am so in love with this. It's a good place, people my age (as opposed to the people at the local yarn shop, who are nice, but are all like my mom's age, or older), and they knit trendier things (as opposed to ugly bobbled sweaters. No offense. But I hate the bobbles on everything). And they're fun. And one of them also turned out to be a graduate from my alma mater, too! I'm happy. I'm planning on going at least twice a month, and it will be easier now because I won't necessarily be in class that day, and I will be home enough early starting in July (when I do my rotation), so I can actually have dinner and head out.

Project that I am working on--well, I'm working on a purple scarf and a bag. I'm calling the latter "Monster Messenger Bag", and it's coming along well. I'll have to figure out how to do an I-cord so I can make the handles for the bag. And I think the bag will come along well. It's this yarn that I bought several years ago, but never did anything with. (Bernat Boa--Phoenix), and it's going to look kinda furry, I guess like Elmo or Cookie Monster. Something to that effect. Now I also feel like I need to buy cotton yarn, but I look at my current stash and think about how many wintery things I've got to knit first. Sigh. But at least my stash is going down! (Slowly, of course).

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All right, so I caved.

Okay, so I caved. Yes, I have had a blog before. But this one is totally different and is totally devoted to my crafty things--knitting (and froggings*), jewelry-making, purse-making, belt-making, or whatever-making strikes my fancy at the moment. So. Basically, this is just to help motivate me to actually finish whatever project is at hand at the moment, as well as to be all proud and show off what I've made. And yeah, I don't mind heaps of lots of praise. Praise is good.

*frogging: v. to rip apart