Thursday, June 16, 2005

New purse!

Ooh. This project is not knitting related. Me, the girl who can barely sew a button onto a shirt...has sewn a PURSE. And it's cute! Yay! This is how I spent a day--well, part of it, anyway. I was convinced it was going to rain, so I made a craft-purchasing trip and bought all sorts of materials and stuff to make purses. I think I know what I'm giving my friends for Christmas this year (and no, they do not have a link to this page).

And last night was Stitch and Bitch. And one of the people there was a classate of mine from high school. How weird is that? It makes me feel all like, dorky or something. I mean, she looked fantastic, and I was wearing a shirt with Underdog on it, and my hair wasn't flipped out, because I don't have the patience (or the skill) to make my hair look the way it's supossed to. I love SnB. A Lot. And some of us went out for pizza afterward, which was great. I had this thought though, that I couldnt; imagine my classmates hanging out with these people. They are really quite liberal; some of these are/were art majors and very indie. So definetely my type of people to hang out with. Hah!

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