Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The monster bag's coming along nicely. I think I've got about 2/3 of the thing done (knitted, I mean). Maybe I will even finish it this weekend! I would have worked on it last weekend, but I was out of town in Minneapolis, and was too paranoid to bring knitting on board (though my roommate told me that it's now permitted, and she brought her cross-stitching with her. Now I wish I had brought the monster bag). Anyway, I've also started Clapotis (, using some yellow-orange-red yarn. It's a drop-stitch stole, looks pretty snazzy to me. Hopefully it will be cool. I have to admit that the pattern has driven me nuts because I've frogged the damn thing a few times.

Hopefully it will look like the picture when it's all done. Argh!

And Stitch-n-Bitch is tonight! I want to get as much of this stuff knitted up as possible, so I can buy some more yarn and work on a pattern that I have in my Stitch and Bitch Nation book--this nice summery sweater, which I think might be good in case it actually gets cold in class or perhaps on my clinical fellowship. Might be a nice thing to have, since I don't actually own a summer sweater that goes with everything.

I also had to take my car in to the shop yesterday. $800 to repair! Yikes. I will avoid potholes or other hazards to automobiles from now on. And the internet is down and out at home. It's a weird sort of liberating feeling, not being tied to the computer, but it's also a bit annoying because I'm an email addict.

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