Thursday, July 07, 2005

Aching Feet

I'm in Toronto at the moment. And my feet hurt. I've been up and down Queen St W, and I found this lovley yarn store (excuse my typing, i dont' have much time left on my dollar). Bought some mohair and afunky pink yarn. I thnk i can do some neat thigns with it. Plus they were 20% off. All the yarn was 20% off, damn it. And it was ahuge yarn store, bigger than the local yarn store back home. I was in heaven.

and I bougth chocolate. And clothes. Yumm. Well, I haven't tried the truffles yet but the clothes look great, so I am happy. And I am off to Bloor street--I took this half hour to email and rest my feet. They hurt! I should HAVE brougbht my chuck taylors>

ok i am off now to prowl<>


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