Saturday, July 30, 2005

I apologize to everyone who tried to do the visited state map. :( I have no idea why it did that. If I figure it out, I'll repost. Promise?

Anyway, I went to SnB on wednesday, where I spent most of the time untangling yarn. Sigh. I'm trying to figure out if I have enough yarn to finish my stole. I'm praying I do, otherwise I'll have to leave out a section (which I hate to do, since I absolutely love long scarves and stoles. The longer, the better).

Anyway, some eye candy for you: (thanks to Gwyn). I know I have some friends who I think need a date badly, but tell me--do you think this is...extreme? And hilarious? And Lance is cute, so why doesnt' he have a girlfriend yet (maybe it's the mormon thing, I dont' know)? I hope no one ever does this to me. Given that Asian chicks are "hot", I'd end up with way too many potential suitors.

And good book to read: "The Eight" by Katherine Neville. My brother and I had a "disagreement" that women write better characters then men do (for the most part; there are some excellent men writers), and I was thrilled that the main characters in the book were interesting women, and my brother had the gall to call me a "Fem-Nazi!" I am feminist, granted, but I don't think my brother understands the difference between feminism and extreme feminism. I don't go about male-bashing (I like men, too!) but I believe in equal rights, opportunity, and I am liberal. What I like about books (particularly mysteries) that are written by women is that they seem to be more focused on character, and men tend to focus on the plot and action--but I believe that character can drive the plot and action. And if I can't believe in the characters, I can't believe the action. This is not to say that all books written by women are awesome and have wonderful, believable characters, I've read crummy books with characters that I want to beat about the head and throw down the drain, but my point was that I think because women tend to be more perceptive about people, the characters may be more deep and interesting. But that's just my point of view.

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