Saturday, August 01, 2009

1:25 AM

I'm a wee bit frustrated. After an entire week of being sick with a cold and conking out by 11 PM--and at times, by 9:30 I am at 1:24 AM, wide awake. Aargh. I have taken NyQuil just a little while ago, and maybe that will help me sleep (and keep my sinuses clear the rest of the night)? Luckily for me, tomorrow is Saturday and I have no grand plans except a nice sleep-in (if I can get to sleep, that is), some quality lazy time with my boyfriend, and some knitting!

But while I was sick, I took my Wednesday to try and do some dissertation stuff (somewhat successful) and knitted up most of Felicity. The next day, I finished knitting this. I think this is rather cute--it's one of the ArtYarns in a soft merino. I like how it striped up--I wasn't sure how it would work up in a knit. I'm planning on a few more hats (easy knits) and am working down that stash...hopefully I can work my way down a little more of it this summer. The last month of summer, anyway.
Also, I got this package from my Secret Pal! Thank you! There's this cool knitting book, Knit So Fine, which has this lovely dress that I will one day have to make, and some vests and sweaters that are classic but unique at the same time (that's totally my style). Also that really cute tape measure in the shape of a bee...stitch markers, yarn cutter, foot soak (which will be good for after a long day at work or night of dancing), and this incredibly stretchy bag that my pal made. Thank you so much! It was so nice to get something on a day when I was feeling utterly miserable, even with DayQuil and cough drops :)
I think one reason I've been relatively sleepless today is that we're getting geared up for a big fundrasier at our store next Sunday--if you need more details, let me know. We're planning all kinds of things, like games and activities for kids, and nice things for grown-ups too.
Oh, it feels like the NyQuil is starting to kick in...thank goodness. Off to bed now. Hopefully to the land of sleep...

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope your feeling a bit better now. The hat is cute!