Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missing sweater

I am officially losing it. Today, I have been knitting Akegeomi but am a little tired of knitting the same pink yarn, so I was going to pick up an old sweater (well, not really old, but one I was working on)...but...while I found the bag of yarn for the sweater, and the book with the pattern, I cannot figure out where this sweater is! I give up. I've looked in all my bags where I keep my knitting, on my yarn shelves, and my yarn tote in the living room. No sweater! Argh!

The only thing I can think of is that maybe it got moved somewhere and hidden in some box during The Great Flood in our house. But I am not sure.

In Akegeomi sweater news, though, I am working on the first fold of the sweater, so it is pretty exciting. Although I am still wondering where that sweater is...Hmm.

Dissertation progress: I have written one page of my prospectus. Plus a rough outline of what I want to cover in my prospectus. My goal is to write as much as I can during the last few days of summer, because in the words of a former professor (well, he wasn't my prof, but a chair of the department), I would have a greater advantage at getting a job with a PhD than with ABD, and I'm hoping that certain things will line up correctly the next few months or year. We shall see, and I shall not say too much for fear I would jinx something.

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