Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Colin and Eddie, and Elizabeth Bennet

Here it is: The very first issue from Mask and Cape Comics (well, the Colin and Eddie comics, at least). The boy was over in San Diego at the ComicCon, promoting these comics of his. He'll be in Baltimore in September to promote some more. I also told him to do the Fell's Point Ghost Walk tour, which is totally awesome.

And as I mentioned, Elizabeth Bennet is in progress. And over the past couple days, I've been working away at the yoke, which gets more and more exciting because it is starting to look like a sweater! I knitted away while watching Penelope (which I highly recommend. And maybe someone could sew me a jacket just like the one she has? Thank you).


Klina Kloen said...

Elizabeth is pretty, I like the colour.

Martha said...

Oh Stacey, the yarn is so scruptious!

Margie the Ladybug said...

Everything you make is so wonderful, even if it's just at the collar stage of being a sweater. It's not fair! :D