Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last week, J. gave us blueberries to take home. I thought that perhaps I would make some blueberry grunt (having seen a recipe for it in Cook's Country but I didn't have quite enough blueberries (one would need 8 cups of blueberries).
So, I decided to make blueberry muffins. Absolutely delicious, and I finally got to use my silicone cupcake liners--so I've got nearly two dozen blueberry muffins (of which we've already eaten four).
And last night, the boy and I went to a dinner and dancing riverboat cruise on the Nautica Queen--we both had imagined something rather fun, with a large dance floor on the uppermost deck, but it turned out to be this tiny little dance floor in enclosed within the top (enclosed) deck. It wasnt' big. It looked like the size of an area rug, and I wasn't exactly sure how my dance class/fellow dance students would fit on the floor. While we were able to do a little cha-cha and swing, we were out of luck when we tried to do the rhumba, where we just wound up shuffling our feet on the floor to some really bad music.

Despite that, I still had fun. I would have liked to spend a little more time outside on the deck, but it was a bit cold and not very easy to balance on in high heels, and it had just finished thundering and pouring outside. So of course, I was a bit nervous about staying outside. But here are some shots I took of the Cleveland skyline at night.


Addiopolis said...

Mmmmm Blueberries. Congratulations on yummy muffins! I've recently discovered the joy of freshly picked blueberries and reading this made me think I should go outside, down the hill and pick some as they're going out of season, but we've still got some. But I'm so tired... but blueberries. Hmm Too bad about the lack of dance floor, that's a bummer. How can you invite folks to dance and have no place to do it?

I went contra dancing on Saturday and had a good time, though I almost missed my usual contra dance in Ohio a little bit. But new stuff is fun and good. And, these contra dancers were wacky. Always dancing silly.

emily said...

oh, bluberry muffins, my stomach is grumbling! they're on offer at my local supermarket at the moment and i'm bulk buying and stocking the freezer!