Monday, July 28, 2008


So last night, when I finally got to the toe, I rejoiced. Whee!

So now I have finished ONE knee high sock in all its glory!

Then I decided to model it. I have no more excuse--so I immediately tried on the sock. First, I tried it on inside-out and wondered why the heck the toe felt so weird. So I managed to convince myself that I had sensory integration problems (after all, I can't stand some of those sock seams), then I took a closer look at the cables, and realized that I wasn't even wearing it right. Luckily, when I put the sock on right, no more "sensory integration problems." Whew.

In order to prevent second sock syndrome, I have cast on and started the cuff of the second sock. At this rate, it will be October when I am done.


andi said...

LOVE the sock! Why am I always insanely jealous of anything you make? you have the best taste - and I have a bad case of yarn envy!

I'll miss you tomorrow nite - hope the troll goes well and that I'll see you next week?

kyles said...

Hey Stacey,

I followed you here after leaving you my bloglink on work you do with them there sticks! my 15 yo son has been knitting scarves, hey it's winter here at the moment, to raise money to go over your way at the end of next year, i'll have to show him your sock, he knitted a beanie last weekend and it was almost as long as your sock, he got a bit carried

cheers, kyles

jen said...

Wow, the sock is amazing. I have not attempted socks yet. I am not much of a sock wearer. However now that I live in NC instead of CA, the winters get colder here, so I may need some warm socks. I am one of your blog swap partners. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am working on a Debbie Bliss sweater for my son, I need one more ball of yarn to finish the sleeves. UGGG. Enjoyed reading your blog.