Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Doc Whiz

I planned to write other things, such as knitterly things or about my brother's graduation, but this is the first thing I've been thinking of at the moment. I will write more about those and other things a little later.

This is for Doc Whiz (not his real name). He passed away last week, at the age of 60. This is quite unexpected (by everyone). He was also supposed to be one of the professors sitting on my comprehensive exams committee, so as of now, I am not quite sure what is going to happen, or who will give me my questions in the special education minor. The other part that is making me a little sadder is that he is--was--absolutely hilarious, strange, and very intelligent and creative, as evidenced by one of his websites: http://www.educ.kent.edu/community/DOCWHIZ/docwhiz.html
(Check out his pictures throughout his posts and website)

Knowing someone relatively young, who has passed away, is something that makes you think a little more, and hope that you can accomplish as much as he does, or to bring as much knowledge to the world as he did--well, one can only hope to be like that--to live with the great energy, enthusiasm, and humor as he did.

So Doc Whiz, here's to you. I raise a cup of non-Starbucks, locally brewed cup of joe (from Susan's) to you.

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