Sunday, May 18, 2008

Events thus far

Now that the semester is over, I can breathe! (And knit a little, at the very least). Anyhow, a little while ago, I signed up for a swap, which was fun--and this is what I got from my swap partner. Lots of yarn from Phildar (including some sock yarn), and some tea and chocolate (which is always oh-so-very good), and some cute miffy stitch markers. Thank you Caroline! She is psychic and knows that I just learned to knit socks! Anyhow, there is also a CD of some fun music, which I am listening to right now.

I'm also still working away on my monkey socks, and have finished ONE sock and am working on the second. See? Isn't that awesome :) ?
I also have a secret knitting project--for a swap in my SnB group. We're making seat cushions for our chairs...I have made most of mine--just need to do the finishing touches. Hopefully it will all turn out well. Definetely an experiment in felting for me. After Wednesday, I will post a picture of the seat cushion that goes to --- for the swap.


Klina Kloen said...

I'm glad you like it. Does the Dutch music make any sense to you?

The socks you're working on are pretty. What yarn are you using I love that colourway.

Effie said...

Interesting to know.