Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So I've been absent a while--a combination of busy-ness and laziness, but a few things have happened.

In knitting news:
I am knitting myself a monkey sock, out of some yarn that I dyed at Martha's dye day. It's coming along rather well, though you would think that I know better than to watch Ugly Betty and knit at the same time. I love the way the colors have turned out. I call this color "Smoky Mountain" because it reminds me of one of my postcards in my collection of postcards. (Yes, I still collect postcards obsessively.)

In non-knitting news--my professor (in psychology) and I will be collaborating on a fairly exciting project, so we are pretty enthusiastic about it. We'll be collaborating with another team at another university on a project, so my prof and I will probably work on several projects over the next few years or so, and try and develop a pretty interesting niche that has been under-investigated. It is getting more and more exciting, the more we read and write. Now I am totally confused about what I want to do for my dissertation!
Other non-knitting news: I went to a trollbeads training seminar, and I won a necklace with 7 beads, more than half I've been desiring. So that takes care of that! The one with the green and silver beads is the necklace that I won; I may add a few others onto it to add a little more green and gold. The six beads are assorted glass (and some call them OOAK -- or one-of-a-kind beads, though technically, that's not the right term for them.
Other trollbeads news--this weekend (May 2-4, 2008), we are having a trollbeads trunk show--and our totally awesome representative will be there May 3, so I am rather excited!

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