Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Calendar Girls

I am gonna be in a calendar. In 2008.

Well, sort of. My SnB group has a group photo that will appear in Debbie Stoller's calendar. I hope I look okay in it. I'm the one in the red hand-knit sweater, working away on that Noro scarf...

And I'm finally figuring out fishtail lace (I don't remember what yarn it is, though. It's sky blue with sparkly silver running through it):

This makes me happy. It's only taken me how long to make this much? After much frogging and puzzling, I finally understand how lace works. Give me cables and entrelac any day.

Last night I went to a party at a former classmate's apartment. Always odd, I think, to see the folks (or at least some of them) that I went to school with. I'll admit i wasn't close to them; I consider them fine colleagues, but it always reminds me how different I am in some ways from them, or about whom i feel completely at ease with...and I guess I don't quite feel at home among certain perspectives on "fun" differ from mine at times. I suppose there are times when i feel like the odd man out, but who doesn't, at times?

I'm much more at home with my SnB group, The Hall Gang from college, or with my best friend from the other half of my program.

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