Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting 2007

Well, now it's a new year...and hopefully one filled with lots of happiness and good things...

New Year's Resolutions:
1) Do a very good job with finances. ;) Essentially, no needless spending (outside of a limited, budgeted amount.
2) Finish various knitting projects. Including sweaters and/or vests. Anything that's not a scarf.
3) Cook one new thing each week. Meaning: Trying out new recipes, whether they be for cookies, entrees, potato dishes (my weakness!), complicated pasta sauces, Indian food (like Biyrani) etc.
4) Learn to juggle. Okay, so this was my resolution from last year. Not yet accomplished. But a whole 'nuther year to complete this task. Right?

And my boyfriend got me some nice stuff for Christmas and some things that just have me scratching my head. Nice stuff include: a hilarious William Wegman video (with the dogs and human hands), a trivial pursuit game that actually requires me to have tons of people over to play, and one of the oddest gifts was a $100 gift card to an aquarium store. Because I love fish. And I'm allergic to his cats (and I think he felt so bad that I was allergic to his cats, that he wanted to get me pet fish?) But you know, I have one fish named Seven (or maybe it's Nine, I'm not sure--the companion fish died some time ago) which has been a pet since 2000. And where will I put about 20 other fish?

But knitting content:
My friend NK gave me this awesome yarn for Christmas. She got it at a fair out in the LA area, and it's this gorgeous hand spun, hand-painted yarn, and I can't wait to knit something with it. I have to find a good pattern or inspiration for it.

Thanks NK! I LOVE this yarn!

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Adrianne said...

Oh Stacey I'm with you on resolutions number 1 (no needless pending) and number 3 (cook something new each week. And I can help you with number 4 (if it's help you need and not just rememering to spend the time juggling. I might even have an extra set of balls to give you. Maybe I'll get to go to knitting this week. I hope!