Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh my gosh! I am actually WRITING!

I am actually writing! I am so excited about Thanksgiving--not only because I get to gorge myself on mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie...but also because I don't have class tomorrow! Of course, I still have homework, but that's okay.

I am on my way to converting a few people (I hope). One is a cool girl from my statistics class (whom i have been bonding with over things that look like:
(X1-X2)/Sx1-Sx2 (ok, so I have no idea where the symbols are), but these long complicated things that have my head spinning and me wishing for yarn to soothe my nerves. Next week, hopefully, she'll be able to make it to my stitch and bitch group.

And this morning, I succumbed to Celebrity Paranormal Project, which is seriously scary. thank god it was sunny out, and was daylight. If it were night, there is no way I would have slept at all. One of the best parts is that the chicken(s) of the evening turned out to be Coolio (yes, Coolio) and Mia St. John, who apparently is a championship boxer. David Carradine is as zen-like as ever, and I have no idea what to say about the playboy bunny, except that she totally didn't flake out.

As much as it saddens me to do so, i want to see next week's episode. Mostly because Ernie Hudson is on it, and I want to see what a Ghostbuster will do. But shoot, I have my orientation next Monday, no clue how to program the tv with the VCR (long story) and I refuse to watch it at night. Hmm. I'll have to exercise some creativity here. And will need to procure a blankie when I watch that show.

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