Monday, November 13, 2006

Birds and Gardens

On Saturday, I went to see my friends from college--one of whom is starting to become a knitter...we made plans to go check out The Knitting Garden in Westlake before meeting our other friends for dinner at Udupi. Anyway, my friend's grandma told us that she was going to take us to this very unique yarn store in Avon, and wow. I think I'm in love with that store. Too bad it takes me an hour to get there, but I guess if I ever drive out that way, I'll stop in Avon to check out the store. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Of course, I'm still living like a poor graduate student, so I bought a pattern, and that was it. The Knitting Garden was ok, but I'd choose the Birds of a Feather store over the Knitting Garden, for the ambience and the people.

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