Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just a day till it's July, and I can't believe that summer's flying by so quickly--meaning that I need to get a jumpstart on my work! But in the meantime, updates on what's new. For my birthday, I bought myself a few lomography cameras, so I am excited to see how pictures turn out (granted, I haven't taken many pictures yet).

And, I am working on a pair of socks. These are knit with Socks that Rock (Titania). I'm liking how the yarn is dyed in such a way that it is slanting along with the pattern (rick by Cookie A.).

The Akeogomi Tunic is shaping along...slowly. I got a little distracted by the socks, plus I don't really like knitting with metal needles, which adds to my aggravation. But here is the sweater so far:

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