Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am sick of this!

I have exams coming up the week after next, so my absence from blogging has been due to my burying myself in my notes. Granted, I am feeling a teensy bit better about my knowledge, but not by that much. I'll be counting down each day as I finish my four hours of essay writing a day (it's 4 days, 4 hours of writing each day, on...whatever topic my professors choose to give me). Basically, it's hell. I'm already planning what to do when I'm done with everything. So, my written exams are the week after break, and two weeks after that, I get to defend my answers. After that, I plan to:
  1. Sleep
  2. Watch TV/movies/k-dramas for a week
  3. Spring clean
  4. Knit! Knit! Knit! without the guilt
  5. Work some more
  6. Sleep some more
  7. Buy myself a new Trollbead or two, plus Habu yarn and some cool sock yarn so I can make some awesome knee-high socks that I saw on Ravelry. And some new fun books to read!

But in other news, I finally finished Pomatomus last week. Since I'm also trying to not kill myself as I study, I take time off in the evenings and at lunchtime to relax, so I get to do things like work on a knitting project while watching mindlessly stupid (but fun) TV shows, such as Dancing with the Stars (even though the Woz is a horrid dancer, I want him to make it through another week or two. Goodness knows I need the smile). I am partial to Melissa Mycroft and Shawn Johnson, and surprisingly, I kind of like Steve-O. But there can only be one Steve, so I have to place my loyalties with Steve Wozniak, even though I'm a PC and not a Mac type of girl.

And check this out! I got an awesome new Trollbead in the mail--a little gift from Lise Aargaard herself! So thrilled about my Smiley bead (like I said, I could use the little happiness and smile the next couple weeks--or month--as I slog through the studying and exam-taking and the stress of going through this whole process.

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Margie the Ladybug said...

you are a brave woman, Stacey.

But I know you'll kick butt!!