Thursday, January 29, 2009


These are two of the new Trollbeads (Sweater and Ball of Yarn). The blue thing in the back? That's Pomatomus. I thought I was doing SO well with Pomatamus and was working on it last night (indeed, this picture was taken in a moment of extreme happiness and pride). The problem was, however...I realized that somehow I am missing stitches. Sigh. So now I have to tink back a while and figure out just how some of my stitches disappeared. I'm not sure how. But this always happens whenever I attempt something that has lace patterns.
The other news that happened: Yesterday, we got a snow day! Ordinarily, I'd be gleeful, but here's what happened. I had to teach at 8 AM, so I went to school in crummily deteriorating weather. Taught class (three of my students didn't show up, due to poor conditions). I get home around 9:30 AM, and then...I get a text message from my school, saying that classes were cancelled for the rest of the day! Go figure.
Also the snow was kind of insane and I got a little stuck in the driveway, which made my search through the garage for a snow shovel (which I couldn't find--I later learned that my dad was shoveling snow in the morning, but the shovel broke). I did find a garden shovel though. Which made me feel like a right idiot in the driveway, shoveling away with this little shovel...

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Sarah said...

Wow! Two of us on this campus are making these socks! I love the colors you chose.