Friday, September 14, 2007

Yes, I am alive!

I actually haven't been posting lately, mostly because (1) I've been lazy, or (2) haven't been knitting THAT much. Some, but not a lot. But I made some little baby sweaters with some oddball yarns that I have left over. One is this one:
It's a sweater from Debbie Bliss baby. Actually, i made another one, it's pinkish (actually makes me think of froot loops) but I dont' know where it is. it is somewhere in my mom's suitcase, and it's been squirreled away for my cousin, who is expecting a baby girl sometime this fall. I'm afraid to dig through her suitcase, because I dont' want to mess anythign up.
I'm also working on my Boatneck sweater from Fitted Knits. Had some issues with it (wrong gauge! Ack!) But I will be patient as possible!
I've also started classes again, so I was rather stressed out for a couple weeks, and not sleeping well. But a week or so ago, Amy, Martha, Andi, and I went down to Columbus for a yarn trip, really enjoyed Temptation Yarns. we also checked out Yarnmarket, which was pretty impressive and has a lot more yarn than you think it would.
In other (exciting) news--I have a ravelry account! Find me at jukeboxheroine! Whee! It's addicting, like myspace or facebook. But without the crazy blond hos who want to be your "friend."

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