Thursday, September 27, 2007


Frankly, I'm just a wee bit pooped. It's been a stressful couple weeks, what with school getting turned topsy-turvy, and my schedule changing like crazy. Not to mention endless meetings with professors and not a whole lot of time to myself. (But when I DO have time, I end up knitting a couple rows and watching a sitcom or something). Essentially, in the last week, I've had about 3 or 4 meetings with various professors and people of importance, which is tiring, considering one of them works at a hospital about an hour away. Well, actually that one isn't a professor, but rather, a former professor of mine, who I'll be doing my independent study with. For those who knew me back in the day, when I went to college, the words "independent study" combined with "short" and "balding" should give you an idea who I'll be working with. Not that I mind, but I'm just exhausted thinking about it. Despite that, I still wake up super early in the mornings--I blame all those early morning meetings that I've been running to!

One of the other professors that I met is one that had surgery this Wednesday. In anticipation for surgery, they quickly arranged for me to teach his undergraduate course in hearing science, and need I say, I barely remember any of those topics. And it frightens me when I tell people I am going to teach hearing science, and then they grimace, and brightly say, "Oh, you'll be great!" This includes the aforementioned former professor as well as some of my PhD student colleagues. I'll just tell my students to bear with me for a week or so; they do know that this was a sudden thing. Hopefully they'll forgive all the math that I may butcher. (By the way, I really don't like math, despite the fact that I have, in the span of about 4 semesters, taken three statistics courses).

The sad part is that when I knit (unless I am taking the time for appointment TV -- that is, Ugly Betty or Dancing with the Stars), I feel like I'm wasting time! And that's not a good way to be! I blame the PhD program!

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