Friday, September 14, 2012

It's been a long time...

Oh yeah, it's been a long time. Life gets in the way; life just happens and somehow, I just didn't feel like blogging much. I'm still working on my dissertation, have gone out of town three times this summer (making it 4 trips that I've taken in 2012). Research continues to progress as well.

In case you are wondering, this summer I went to Arizona (convention), Philippines (during typhoon season to visit family), and Wisconsin (presentation). So it was very busy.

And so does knitting. Some socks done (boring ones and I don't even remember which ones!) and a few more puffs, bringing my total up to over 100. Less than 120. I've also been working on a sweater too, Kimonito: 

I cannot wait for this sweater to be done. I'm working on the second sleeve at the moment--I want to see if I can get a lot done this weekend because I just want to wear this sweater! My suggestion is that it is a snug knit so if you want something more loose and tunic-like, go up one size! 

And I am doing a swap on Ravelry, so this is my handmade item. Also a very good way to stash-bust.

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Addy said...

That sweater looks great. I would just want to wear already too. It looks like it's a pretty fine gauge. I hope all of your trips were successful. Are you looking forward to being a homebody for the fall and winter?