Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Continuation of knitting and camera projects

Today, I took a little time to play with my camera and took pictures of my current project. This is yarn that I dyed myself with kool-aid and it is striping up very subtly with red and purple stripes.

And it is very soft, which is a plus, of course.

And I got myself a present! The thing is that over break, I downloaded tons of free books from And it seems like there were an awful lot of romance novels available for free, with titles like "Baby Bonanza" or "Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy", "Speed Dating", "Heated Rush", etc....I'm not ashamed. I read these books. (Some made me want to blush. Whooooo. I think "Heated Rush" was the one that was erm...quite...yes. I think you get the idea.) Featured in the kindle above is NOT a romance novel, but rather, a mystery called "REMIX".

I think I am learning how to use that camera! Now if spring would get here, already! That way, I can go take my camera out for some nice walks and photo opportunities! (and photo practice).

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sock and a cuff, and a new camera

First off, I have been working on these socks (for me) for a while now (over a month). These are Opal socks (Kaffe Fassett collection) and I do like the way they are striping up. If you are wondering why the pictures look blurry, it is because I bought a (new to me) camera from my friend Meredith (who was selling her Canon EOS Rebel XTi, so I am still learning my way around the camera. But I am excited. Even for spring (and yes, this is a girl who does not love spring), because I am hoping that I will get to take the camera on walks in and around the campus, and around here, and experiment.
I think I need to practice more on the focusing thing. ;)
I will be skipping knitting today, because I was up since 4 AM for work at the hospital, came home for a little bit (gave me enough time to shower, eat lunch, and watch 45 minutes of Supernatural. Also took some time then to look up the pros and cons of both the Nook and the Kindle. So far, I am liking the Kindle except that the Nook would let me borrow lots of books from the library. Sigh. Who knows what I'll end up doing.