Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Continuation of knitting and camera projects

Today, I took a little time to play with my camera and took pictures of my current project. This is yarn that I dyed myself with kool-aid and it is striping up very subtly with red and purple stripes.

And it is very soft, which is a plus, of course.

And I got myself a present! The thing is that over break, I downloaded tons of free books from And it seems like there were an awful lot of romance novels available for free, with titles like "Baby Bonanza" or "Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy", "Speed Dating", "Heated Rush", etc....I'm not ashamed. I read these books. (Some made me want to blush. Whooooo. I think "Heated Rush" was the one that was erm...quite...yes. I think you get the idea.) Featured in the kindle above is NOT a romance novel, but rather, a mystery called "REMIX".

I think I am learning how to use that camera! Now if spring would get here, already! That way, I can go take my camera out for some nice walks and photo opportunities! (and photo practice).

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