Thursday, June 30, 2011

New projects

In June, I finished my Aaargh!Gyle socks and felt like casting on for a new project. I have been dying to knit more fair isle projects, and I decided to knit the Nightingale socks. So far, i've gotten up to right before the heel/gusset, and because I've been lazy, I haven't progressed farther than that. Plus, I was a bit stressed out over school and my research proposal (defense for the proposal is next week). 

In June, I also went to my college reunion. Each time I have been back to the town where my undergraduate college is, i have never, ever been able to make it to the yarn store before it closed, or I would arrive on a day the store was closed. So I made a special point of making it to town to hit the yarn store. I was thrilled when I saw one skein of Opal Harry Potter sock yarn -- of course, it is Lupin (I much prefer Ron or Tonks--but this was the only choice. Better than none!) I am not quite sure how these colors represent Lupin. So this is the sock I've started knitting, just to relax.

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