Sunday, February 27, 2011

I should just say...

we're not dog people. But we had a fun experience with a dog this morning. As I was going to go outside the house to get the car ready to go to work, I saw the cutest little white dog on our porch. Tail wagging, he approached me, and honestly, I had no idea what to do!

I got my mom and we saw that he had no tag on his collar, and he nosed his way inside the house, made a beeline for our Christmas tree (yes, we still have our Christmas tree up, and it is very pretty). He sniffed at a stuffed Polar Express Santa that we have under the tree and padded toward my mom's voice (mom was in the kitchen, wondering out loud, "Do dogs drink milk?" and looking in the fridge for millk to pour into a bowl).

Mom was afraid to leave him in the house all day while we went to work, so she had the brilliant (not really) idea of putting the dog in the garage. Of course, the poor dog got so completely spooked by the garage (plus the door hit him on the side--not hard) and started backing up down the hallway, and refused to go near my mom any more. He went straight for the front door, and mom opened the front door to put the bowl of milk down on the step. He, of course, went down the walk to the driveway. I went after him, and at that time, a woman was driving down the street with her window down, and shouted at me, "Have you seen a white dog?" So this was the owner, and the dog got to go home.

I will have to say this: My mom really liked that dog. He was cute. And we would just giggle about this all day because it was just a little too funny.

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Addiopolis said...

That sounds fun! Do you see a canine in your future?