Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dolores Park Cowl, food

So on Saturday night, I got really tense. My remedy: Knitting. And these days, I have been attempting to stash-bust, so in addition to winding some of my skeins into cakes of yarn, I decided to knit something new (now that Clessidra is done, and didn't really want to continue with the My-So-Called-Scarf at the moment -- that's a good enough, and quick, knit, but I wanted more immediate gratification). And I had this skein of handspun wool that I bought last year at Yankee Peddler in one of those moments of impulse buying. Granted, it was not very much yarn (around 130-150 yards, I think). So some time on Ravelry revealed some hats I didn't like very much, and some purses, and small knit projects. One of them was the Dorlores Park Cowl.

So I cast on 60 stitches, and in the span of two-and-a-half hours of Lifetime movies, (seriously, I was kicking myself mentally because I thought I was taping this Lifetime movie in the afternoon. But I taped the wrong channel) I finished the cowl.
Who this will belong to, I do not know. If it will be mine or someone else's....I have no idea. But I still have a bit of the handspun yarn left.
And of course, I am still working away on the double knit scarf (it will be named "Dancing on Keys" (Anyone get the reference?) and I will post a pattern as soon as it's done. I'm determined to finish this scarf in the next couple weeks. I'd say this week, but with the Holiday Open House this weekend, I can't guarantee that).
At work, we're getting ready for the Holiday Open House, so today I moved products, reorganized stuff, etc. Hopefully we'll have everything in place by Thursday night. I hope. I'll be working some more this week. After I came home, I made some gnocchi with a cream tomato sauce, and the results of that are shown in the photos below.

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