Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh my gosh, it's March?


It's March?

I've been rather busy/ here's what's new -- besides my being completely unmotivated to do my homework today. Though I did do some writing for my studies, so I guess that's progress. I think I may call it a night early, and just do something like...oh...I don't know...knit? I think I ought to finish a few projects--a hat that I started, and this secret knitting project that I am doing for a pattern test...we'll see. I'm trying not to start anything new till I make some nice headway on something. Maybe the hat--fair isle is sounding rather attractive to me at the moment.

What else has happened--I caught whatever bug that has been flying around, so a little over a week ago, I started getting sick on Friday night, slept it off, and while not having a fever or not feeling terrible on Saturday, my stomach was a little off. But nothing major for me. Sunday, however...I woke up feeling horrid, and basically threw up the entire day, and had a fever for quite a bit. I ended up calling off my class on Monday, because the idea of standing up in front of my students, being nauseous and all--just wasn't very appealing to me. Turned out to be a wise choice, and I slept as much as I could stand, and tried to do a little homework. I ended up calling in sick to "work" on Tuesday. Which was nice, and a little ironic, because I also got a snow day then. Took me another day before I could eat something other than crackers and toast.

Okay, what else...amigurumi swap...I got the CUTEST babe from Ann--looks like me (though Adam asked me if it was Janean Garafalo when he saw it). It is ADORABLE and has the cutest, well, everything. Glasses and everything! Ann got my Totoro, and I still think I need to make one for Adam. Maybe I'll make him an entire set, with a gray one and a white one, too, for Christmas. Hopefully by that point, I'll have time to sit down and focus (speaking of which, spring break is coming up, so I foresee one day of just knitting/crocheting/making things and sitting in front of the TV to watch Lifetime--yay!). Others in the group got adorable little amis, like this cute bear and a cat.

Yesterday, Adam and I went to the Hillary Clinton rally, with Chelsea Clinton/Madeline Albright/Melanie Griffith. I love Madeline Albright, I have to say...she's a phenomenal speaker. Today was a Hillary rally in Akron, but simply no time to go, what with writing a midterm exam and trying to get some of my homework done today (I'll finish up tomorrow).

Something else that I did this month: I went to the PA fiber show--small little show with some lovely yarn. I bought yarn, and some really great patterns, like for a couple Noni bags and one for shibui knits that I am itching to knit, but I have to finish other things first--first things first!

Friday, my family and I went to see Wicked, which is one of my most favorite stage musicals ever. Love it. Thursday, my parents and I saw the Peking Acrobats

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