Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'll be honest. I am a bona fide geek, but not by choice.

Why, you may ask?

Next Monday is an official holiday (Veteran's Day) which we have off from the university...and I am so excited. Not because I have a day off--but because I have a day off, I have time to do homework! I have the WHOLE weekend -- well, Sunday, PLUS Monday to write a paper (or at least get started), do my lecture planning, and my psychology homework and my statistics homework! And I can actually sleep a little more! Perhaps I'll even have time to pick up the clothes from the floor of my bedroom! Wow! Oh, yeah, and knit. And I will always have time for Dancing with the Stars, which is my guilty obsession and pure moment of being brain-dead for about an hour and a half. This is very exciting, indeed.
Other points of excitement: Although I have very little time to knit anymore, I do have a little more of the tech bag completed (there is a small mistake, but I will not point it out. It adds to the charm of the bag, I suppose. Isn't there something about those rug-weavers who have a small mistake to add their signature to their rugs?)

And, I have an actual vacation coming up (hence, another reason to be very excited about Veteran's Day; I can get homework completed before I go to Peak-n-Peek (or is it Peek-n-Peak?)
I just have to make it through the rest of this week. I've an exam on Thursday and I feel very unprepared. Hopefully with some maniac studying tomorrow, I'll at least be okay with the material to scrape by with a "B"--which is what I'll be happy with. I will buy myself something nice (i.e., a new Trollbead) if I can scrape through it all. I hope I can be okay on the exam--the material is not intuitive for me, but I'll try.

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