Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Adventures in Knitting

So it HAS been quite some time since I've posted (pictures coming soon). I finished a sparkly, hairy purplish/silver/olive green scarf in Austermann's Metropolis. Yes! Almost done with the pretty fair isle scarf...which I mentioned some time ago. But...there's a slight problem.

I ran out of yarn. Daaamn. The pattern called for 2 skeins of some sort of worsted weight yarn, and I was convinced I had enough...then I took a guess and thought...well, if I stop right here, I will absolutely have enough yarn to finish. Umm. No. At least I got to finish most of the pattern, but the remaining 2 inches or so will be unknit. Unless someone has that perfect shade of Classic Elite Devon Canturbury Lime (I think that is what it's called--it's a lovely greenish color).

Also on needles: a ruffly scarf out of rainbow colored mohair, the same gorgeous red sweater I have been knitting, for, I don't know...4 years...a turquoise blue sweater (pattern in Stitch n Bitch Nation)--the one with the felted flower, a short row scarf, and an entrelac scarf. Also on a Tunisian crochet hook--a square for a baby blanket. I promise I will take pictures.

Not to mention that my SnB group wants to do a knit-a-long, which I am sorely tempted to do, and absolutely terrified that I'll get myself tangled up in cables. I like cables, but I've never knit that many on one single item. Or two, seeing as it's a pair of socks.

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