Thursday, August 19, 2010

When parents learn how to text

Last night, my family got new cell phones (I'm loving mine, by the way). Mom and dad have phones that have keyboards that slide out, and both asked me how to text.

Mom was not too shabby, with a simple "hi".

My dad, however, texted me this great message: "You have very very wet hands."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Recently, I particpated in a swap on Ravelry, and in our packages we had to include:
  • yarn (at least 100 yards)
  • something representing my field of study
  • something representing my swapee's field of study
  • something hand-made

and I got some very cool gifts from my swap partner, whose area of specialization is pure mathematics:

She designed a knitted bag with the international symbol for hearing loss, and on the other side she knitted a fibonacci sequence!

There's also some handmade stitch markers, a book called "The Kingdom of Infinite Number" and some very soft yarn (Taos). This was a fun swap, and when I saw the knitted purse, I was pretty excited about this, since I have to admit I was a little boggled about how to represent my field! (But I did find something pretty cute at this novelty store near me).